Say Hello to Surrey Social Stock Photography

Surrey Social Stock Photography has launched.

surrey social stock photographers at a personal branding photography shootHello, you gorgeous lot! How the devil are you? I thought I’d just pop on here for a quick update as ‘Notes From a Stylist’ now that the festive season has headed over the proverbial horizon.

Last time I popped on here I had just graduated from college with a shiny new distinction in my back pocket, ready to rejoin the grown-ups and start my little Surrey photography business.

surrey social stock photography team posing for a personal branding photography shoot

A quick recap…Whilst at college I buddied up with the only other mature student on my course, Andi, who luckily enough happened to be a top babe and amazing photographer to boot, and was as smitten as me with the mission to just take beautiful lifestyle images which weave their own story. We made a plan to work together to build a catalogue of image stock which we could then share on our socials for a happy-making feed.

woman arranging flowers for a personal branding photography shoot in surrey

This got us to thinking though, there must be loads of other folks out there like us, who have small local businesses or run their own blog or platform who are in exactly the same boat and wouldn’t mind the same service with a pile of on-brand imagery at their fingertips. So we’ve created a personal branding photography company to do just that – say hello to  Surrey Social Stock Photography

surrey social stock photography team during a personal branding photography shoot

Surrey Social Stock Photography – personal brand photographers and more.

Here’s how a personal brand photographer works… we help our clients elevate the online presence of their website and their social media by creating a bespoke bank of images that will ultimately be the shop window of their business.

young woman poses with high heels for a personal branding photography shoot in guildfordIf you’re in that small business/solopreneur space – this isn’t just about your products and services, it’s about the story behind them and the story behind you. We take time to capture the real you behind your brand and really bring it to life, so you can target your ideal customers, boost your sales and move your business forward. It starts with your story then we add a little styling sparkle and creativity to bring your brand and vision to life.

If you hate being in front of the lens, fear not, our shoots are always fun and relaxed. We provide you with pre-shoot style and wardrobe advice (as per the old day job!), before guiding you through how to pose so you look absolutely fab in all your images.

young woman sipping champagne at a bar for a personal branding photography shoot in guiildford

If headshots are on your hit list to update this year too we are your gals. Forget those dull corporate shots of old, our headshots are all about showing off a relaxed and confident you which projects a fresh and powerful message to your clients.

female interior designer at her desk during a personal branding photography shoot in guildford

With a number of clients under our belt over the autumn, we’re heading into the new season with a skip in our step secure in the knowledge that we are building a small business that makes both our hearts sing.

So if you are in need of a little social refresh or have been putting off that personal branding shoot that you know your business needs, we’d love to help – don’t be shy, give us a holler.

You can find us mostly lurking on Instagram @surreysocialstock so feel free to stalk us on our new little adventure.


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